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ARC Co. Ltd (Arc System Works) PC-Engine game projects

ARC was a fairly talented company back in the PCE era, producing some compelling yet flawed games...

ROAD SPIRITS is the first game to have its insides ripped out. Enjoy!
Hihou Densetsu: Chris' Adventure is another little-known ARC-developed game.
Minesweeper will wrap up our ARC overview on a downer... Oh, dear.

Strider Famicom Prototype!

I've compared the newly-released proto and the original NES release HERE.


Neutopia 1 Complete Maps:

Overworld Maps (866KB RAR file)
Dungeon Maps (749KB RAR file)

These are full-sized maps comprising all the Spheres and dungeons of Neutopia. This means, therefore, that the images are quite large, so beware! Thumbnails are below.

Neutopia II Complete Maps:

Overworld Map (962KB RAR file)
Caves & Houses (396KB RAR file)
Labyrinth Maps (1109KB RAR file)

Here are all the screens of Bubble Ghost on the Game Boy.

Here are the complete maps to Chalvo 55 on the Game Boy. Chalvo 55 is a great action game with some diabolical later stages. I reviewed it here, by the way.

Here are all the levels in Woody Pop on the Master System.

(Thumbnail rotated to save space.)

Camp California screenshots, along with a radical commentary on the game! Turbo fans ought to take a second look at this game, rather than dismissing it too soon.

Here are PCE Batman's fantastic cinemas. I swear that they take up 3/4 of the ROM space of the HuCard. :-)

Cinema 1:

Cinema 2:

Cinema 3:

Cinema 4:

Final Scene:

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