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This page will contain some interesting things that I have come across in my travels. If you're at all like me, you will look at these things and say "wow, that's cool!" That, for me, is the best part of videogames: Any odd thing will fill me with childlike wonder and excitement and leave me feeling positive the rest of the day.

(Sorry for the low-quality pics, but it's all I can manage for now. Hey, I plan to deal in quantity, not quality!)


Data Leaks the PC-Engine Way!

Exploring the Remnants of the Active Life Network Software

More discoveries of data hidden on the tracks of PC-Engine CD games!


Alpha Denshi's Neo-Geo music driver laid bare

It was a happy day when I discovered how human-readable the music data to Alpha's Neo-Geo games was.  Read on to find out how to convert the old Neo music to modern formats -- or even play your own compositions on the Neo-Geo!
SEGA's Dottori-Kun

1990 -- well into the age of polygonizers, superscalers, the Neo-Geo and Super Famicom -- Sega manufactures a Z80 arcade board with 2K of RAM and a monochrome 128x96-pixel resolution display.  Why?
Famicom WideBoy

Famicom Wide Boy

This is a large apparatus that fits on top of a Famicom system, displaying the Game Boy's screen through the Famicom hardware. Very cool stuff!

Gameboy developers used these before the Super Gameboy was released.

I've made a video detailing this system on YouTube

Chris' Wayback Machine

Don't forget that I have a number of articles on this page; for example, about classic magazines and game music CDs.

Commodore 64 DTV Hacking & Fun!

An ASIC-based C-64 in a joystick, and it's preeminently hackable! (It was also old hat by 2005...)

Indus GT C64 floppy disk drive tech information

Just an info-dump from this very interesting disk drive for the classic Commodore!

Disabling PlayStation 1 Texture Dithering

You might find this useful or informative.  It beautifies certain 2D PS1 games, something which I like.

Retro Game Challenge / Game Center CX Secrets!

Better late than never!  Take a look at some secrets buried in this fantastic game on the DS.

USB Replacement for Floppy Drives!

This is a pretty cool piece of hardware. I managed to find one for really cheap, so I tested it out in a SFC copier.

3-D Photo Experiments

Not necessarily the "coolest" or trendiest thing ever, but put on your anaglyph glasses and humour me, Okay?

The SuperGrafx Power Console

This was a legendary peripheral for the SGX which never got a release. Find out why in this April 1st special report!


OneStation and its 16-bit original games

This one came out 2005-2006, but I've finally gotten around to reviewing the thing.

Game Pocket Computer

{Quite rare, REALLY unknown, portable(?) dot-matrix LCD video game system, with interchangeable cartridges. From 1984.} = Cool.
(2022/11/8: Small tech update)

Tsushin Booster

Now here is a long-awaited unreleased item for the PC-Engine! It is a modem / BASIC interpreter / Graphic editor for the PCE. Really cool! So go check it out, already!

Games Illustrated

This doesn't belong anywhere else. Here are some maps and screenshots that I've taken of some games.

I Want My R-G-B!

Here's a little project that I have been working on for quite some time: Taking screenshots of videogame systems when displayed through an RGB monitor! They look great, and you can see for yourself since I compare them with their usual composite video outputs too.

Nintendo Demo Vision system

Here is another WideBoy-type system, with twin GameBoy systems for link-up play! (Small Update!)

Cosmo Tank Prototype Cartridge

Another GameBoy prototype, this one's not as exciting as the Rockman one, but it's still pretty cool and weird.

Rockman World Prototype Cartridge

This is a cool find! It's a proto of Rockman's first Gameboy outing, and it's actually quite different from the released version!


Pro Action Rocky!

Famicom Pro Action Rocky

A "Game Genie"-type cheat cartridge for the Famicom. This one's pretty cool!



An adaptor for the N64 that plays GameBoy and GameBoy Color games on a TV.

TV de Advance

TV De Advance

An expansion for the old Gameboy Advance that displays your GBA on a TV.

This one, released in 2001, was the first of its kind, predating both the GBA Transverter and Gameboy Player.

Famimaga Videos

"Famimaga Video" *NEW*

These are game magazine videos from 1988-1990, the best years of my videogaming life!

I've converted several of these videos to digital format, and have put them on YouTube! Check out my channel HERE.

Famicom Prototype

Prototype and other Sample Cartridges

I've been lucky enough to obtain a few humble game prototypes here and there. Here are a few pics of them.

Gameboy Booster

Gameboy Booster & GB Hunter

Adaptors which emulate Game Boy games (and more!) on the N64



An encyclopedia of all 1,249 Famicom games, plus hardware, accessories, and even cheat codes! This is good bathroom reading!

Level-X Book

"Level X Family Computer Commemorative Guidebook "

This commemorates the Famicom retrospective show that was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography from Dec. 4, 2003 to Feb. 8, 2004. I was lucky enough to catch the show on the last day, and have a write-up about that here!

This book has photos of all the Famicom games featured at the show, and for many, a commentary about each game's significance in gaming history. There are even interviews with key figures in the Japanese gaming world (Miyamoto-sensei is in here, of course!), and best of all, it's in Japanese and Engrish side-by-side! Lucky us! This is good kotatsu reading!

Famicom Transformers!

Here are some small Famicom cartridges which transform into robots!

Saturn Graphics Box

"Sega Saturn Graphics Box" Development System

This is a developers' Sega Saturn system, used for programming and debugging games via a PC.

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