PC-Engine: July-Sep. 1991

Unreleased game: Dino Force

"Uni-Post of Japan", the publisher who produced Circus Lido and sold it only in bookstores, announced another game in Sept. 1991.

Named Dino Force, it had some fantastically bright graphics with large-looking bosses.  It still looks like it might have been an amateurishly mediocre game, in my opinion, but anyway...

Also, the less said about this prototype's behind-closed-doors auction that recently transpired in Japan, the better...

"Space Thunder" -- an early version of Gate of Thunder

Here is a rare glimpse of Gate of Thunder with rather different stage, ship & option graphics.  That's all, but it's pretty cool!

Here is the infamous Space Fantasy Zone, for the PC-Engine CD. It was never released officially, of course, but you can find bootleg versions of this great game on the 'net. What we can see here is an even earlier version. The "Weaponald's" shop is different from later versions, for example.