PC-Engine: Apr.-June 1991

PC Genjin 2 beta

There are just a couple of pictures around of an earlier version of PC Genjin 2.  The one here shows the jungle level with weird skull slider placement.

PC Genjin Brainstorming

Almost every month in Gekkan PC-Engine magazine, the creators of Genjin make an appearance to promote the Bonk games, or Red Company, or just to make fools of themselves.

Expect the puns to fly furiously, as these guys think up different game ideas to use the Genjin character in, for instance (far right) "Hikaru Genjin" (Hikaru Genji was a roller-skating '80s boy group), "PC Gensan" (Hammerin' Harry is Daiku no Gen-san in Japan), and "PC Rojin" (senior citizen.)

Below we have more fleshed-out mockups of "PC Alajin", a Sengoku-Era strategy game "Uesugi Genjin" (Uesugi Kenshin was a famous feudal lord), and a competitive puzzler, with the unnecessarily-layered title of "PC Genjin no Te-to-Risu" (literally "Hand and Squirrel" (note the squirrels) but with the obvious pun on a certain Soviet block game...)