Other Systems: Jan.-Mar. 1989

USA Toy Report

Famicom Tsushin reported in their March 17, 1989 issue on a U.S. toy show. While NES games undoubtedly made an appearance, Famitsu reported on everything else left in Nintendo's wake: Atari and (regular) toys. Remember these? Seen here are TMNT figures, a nostalgic but useless item, the Animator 2000, and various "learning computers" like the Socrates and other crap-tops.

The Japanese routinely comment ironically on how much more beautifully Japanese people can write the ABCs than can Americans or the British, and Famitsu takes the same swipe at us in this article. However, they do so in introducing these typing & spelling tutors for kids. That is, American people are much more accustomed to typing on a keyboard than Japanese people are, who still tend to do far more writing by hand. (Well, the tables have turned now, haha, with Chinese & Japanese people forgetting how to write Chinese characters thanks to ubiquitous cellular phones and PCs with Kanji-lookup. (Well, again, English-speakers at the same time have lapsed into shitty, shitty spelling and grammar, but I am digressing too much anyway.))