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Part 6 - Back to Kazakh

Back underground at Kazakh, we find the sloping passage requires you to slide in the proto. It feels like Capcom got cold feet for the NES version and took out most of the areas that absolutely required you to test out the special techniques you'd learned.

Wow, strange to see a magnetic wall here. I guess they wanted to prevent you from doing things out of sequence in the proto...

...as finally, File 1 is found! The final NES version just gives you a pointlessly empty room. Search around and all you find is poison!

Analyze file 1 and you get a hint about the attack-boots. Kinda dumb since I'd totally stormed through China already, but I guess they put it in at this point for those who missed the boots the first time around.

Another file to analyze, we get this ridiculous-sounding Faceas Clay as the recipient. In Japanese it's the same -- Fay-Sus Clay. Another one of those names Manga writers devise that sounds "American" but really just sounds like shit.

Part 7 - Africa

Central Africa on the NES' map, Cote d'Ivoire on the Famicom's...

The US version has quite a few more dangling snipers.

While the FC version has more of those rotisserie things.

Yet again, another minor challenge is taken away from the NES version.

Those "destructible blocks" on Kazakh show up again as vines in Africa.

Dun dun duuuun!

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