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Part 8 - Los Angeles

I'd look like that too if I had clay faeces...

Did you ever wonder why Los Angeles shows up twice in the NES version? (Try pressing L or R on the NES and you'll see it has two LAs before going on to the next spot on the map...)

Well, it's because the FC proto has another location, "Strider Headquarters", that got removed from the NES version!
But, don't get too excited. In the proto, Los Angeles takes you to the usual place...

With lots of enemies over the NES version.

Enemies in really awkward places!

As you can see.

In both versions, LA is disappointingly short. Just 1 screen down and you take a warp to...

Strider Headquarters! Yeah, this is where the FC version takes you directly if you choose the HQ from the map. Not too special. Going by the map, Strider HQ is in Iraq or Turkey...

Again, neither Sheena nor her dialogue is programmed into the proto. Instead, you get confronted by an Egyptian guard.

This mound of glitches is Faceas Clay. You can get the key directly with no dialogue whatsoever in the proto. In the NES version, you have to break through the glass first, of course:

Uhh... the Japanese version doesn't register that key as moving on to the next chapter, then.

Part 9 - Pick up the Scraps

Australia (again, criminally short) has birds constantly coming at you in the proto.

And more brambles to deal with.

The proto lets me run away here, which I gladly do.

One more page and it's on to the Red Dragon!

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