Chris' walk on 5/21/2006

Here are some snapshots that I took today. I walked from my apartment to a nearby mountain, Kunimiyama, and back. This time, I took some "Stereoscopic" snapshots, so for pictures like the one below...

...cross your eyes until the images overlap. A 3-D picture should emerge.

A nice back country road. Just like out of Anne of Green Gables.


Here's the view from the top of Kunimiyama. There's a lookout point and Buddhist statue at the top.


Kitakami City can be seen in the distance. There is, in fact, about a 270-degree view of the land around the mountain.


A look down the hill to the West.


I think his/her/its? name is Kannon...



I think all the farmers in Iwate planted their rice seedlings last weekend.

That's all for now!