More Travels around Iwate, Japan

Here are some more snapshots that I took with my new camera, as I walked (or was driven) around Kitakami and other towns in the area.

Wow, what a nice composition. This was taken from the west side of the Sango Bridge in Kitakami at the peak of the Hanami season.


Here is an image from the path along the way from Kitakami to Hanamaki. An old wooden boat gives this shot an ancient feeling.
A cool chestnut.


Here's a small junkyard. I think that sign says "no dumping" but that hasn't stopped anyone.
What can I say about old TVs? It's really awesome to take a look at them!
And oh, what's that, hidden among the vines? Aagh, a discarded Sega Saturn! Oh, the humanity!


On another recent walk to Hanamaki, we found a really cool, military-looking TV. And a refrigerator. I kicked open the doors of the fridge looking for dead bodies...

And we came across a cute little frog in the freezer section. I don't know how he got in there; maybe he crawled through the fan grille in the back.


Hanamaki City is a really interesting small city on a hill. It's really quiet and a little rundown, but walking around the narrow streets presents you with some unique sights.
"Looks just like Shenmue," as my brother would probably say...

My friend really liked this rusty old house.


At the end of one of my walking trips, the sun quickly came down. The light reflections through the railings of the bridge looked really nice as the cars passed..
Hanamaki has a beautiful mural that can only be seen after dark. It uses glow-in-the-dark paint to show planets, galaxies, and a flying locomotive.


Here's another pic of Kitakami's Tenshochi Park at the end of Hanami season.
In Tono City, a train chugs along at a jaunty angle.


At the top of the hills around Tono, there are massive wind-powered generators slowly whirring around.
Here we are to give you a sense of scale of the generators.


Here was something that surprised me on one of my walks. People in Kitakami aren't really politically active, but on March 19, a small delegation marched around the city centre protesting the anniversary of the ongoing war in Iraq.
I spoke with a few of the people, said "good luck" to them, and went on my way. These people are members of the Japanese Communist Party.