The Solar Wars (NES) Page

This page is the support page for my new NES game, Solar Wars. As of 2001, it has been updated with a newer version which eliminates most of the bugs in the game. Solar Wars is available for download


I have also written a page telling you how you can put Solar Wars onto a real NES cartridge! Check it out.

Finally, I have released the sourcecode to Solar Wars so that others may learn how to program games or demos for the NES. Also included is a "diary" describing the process of writing my game. Check it out!

Solar Wars is a tank combat game like Scorched Earth on the PC, or Scorched Tanks on the Amiga. The game is two-player and pits you against a foe throughout our solar system. Here are some of the features in Solar Wars:

The Title Screen
Fight on Ten Different Worlds!
A Terrestrial Battle
A Watery War on Neptune
Fight in the Low-Gravity Darkness of Pluto
Try to Dig Your Opponent into a Hole
Venus is a Scorcher!

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