Chris Covell's Software Page

This page contains computer software related to videogames and videogame emulation. Wherever justifiable, I have included the source code to the programs to allow for cross-platform compilation.

NES Development Tools
Raw2CHR - A program which can create NES Character-ROM graphics data from raw image data.

CHARlie - A program which optimizes tile graphics in NES character ROMs.

CHR2NAM - A program which can create an NES Name Table file from raw image data.

ROMSearcher - A program that searches through binary files, ROMs, etc.., to find hidden or encoded text. Check it out!

NESSIDPlay - A program that plays NES (and Gameboy and Master System) music on the Commodore-64! Check it out!

AmiGenie - A program for the Amiga that converts between NES Game Genie codes and hex addresses.

FDSList - A program that lists and extracts files in Famicom Disk System disk images. Version 1.2 of the program now supports the FWNES .FDS file format, as well as conversion between the 'iNES' and 'FWNES' FDS formats! So, it's pretty damn useful now. Read the documentation for full details.
FDSList 1.4 for Windows is also now available, adding RAW (headered) file extraction
FDSList 1.2 AMIGA version
FDSList 1.2 for X86 Linux is available, also courtesy of Michael Ryan.

BCDecode A set of programs that decode a Bionic Commando NES ROM so you can edit its text in a hex editor, then re-encode it to use it in an emulator. C source code and instructions are included.
BCDecode and Encode for Windows Felton Vaughn compiled this version for me. I can't verify that it works and that it's virus-free, but you Windows people out there might find this useful.

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