Super Famicom: Oct.-Dec. 1992

Video Kid

This was the last of the Kemco games advertised in late 1992 that never got a release. Video Kid was going to be a SFC conversion of the 1991 Atari ST game by the same name, developed by middling platform game developer Twilight. Surprisingly, this is actually a themed shoot-em-up, not a platformer, in which our hero enters different worlds (magic, wild west...) through a VCR and different videotapes.

Kemco obviously felt the green-haired lemming clone of a hero in the original had no personality, so they swapped in their own placeholder character, Kid Klown. Not that there's much improvement, is there?

Some screenshots from the Amiga conversion can be seen below for comparison. I don't know if the SFC version was going to have its colours enhanced, but as with most Atari ST-to-Amiga conversions, the number of on-screen colours is not up to Amiga spec. Not only that, there is some awful sprite flicker at the bottom of the screen, and the game lacks music. While the graphics are bright and appealing, the gameplay is extremely drab and the bosses unoriginal. SFC owners didn't miss out on much.