PC-Engine: July-Sep. 1990

The Bonk RPG: RPC Genjin

The guys at Red Company never stopped fishing for ideas, and one they came up with was a Dragonquest-style RPG.  Of course, it never was released. (Maybe it cut a bit too much into Momotaro's line of business...)

We saw this game previewed in Western magazines as well.  What we saw of it that was playable -- the overhead map scenes -- seemed very primitive and NES-like.

The in-game fighting scenes were far more lush and beautiful, as you can see below.  Which is exactly what leads me to believe that the fighting scenes were just cut&paste mock-ups and never were seriously part of the RPG game.

Here are some promotional sketches for RPC Genjin.

To the far right you can see a "contract" signed by Kobuta Aoki declaring that he will make RPC Genjin.  And then the following month, the contract is torn in two in the pages of Gekkan PC-Engine.  I guess that's a slight hint of the cancellation that was to come...

Red also brainstormed a Tengai Makyo action/slash-em-up...

...maybe this is what became Kabuki Ittoryodan?

Originally called "Splendor", then Splendid Saga, this turned out to be an unreleased RPG (there are too many of them, anyway.)

Well, the art in the ads is really quite nice.