PC-Engine: Jan.-Mar. 1989

PC Genjin's Debut!  (in comic form)

Nearly every month in Gekkan PC-Engine magazine, even before the game came out, a 4-panel comic strip featuring PC Genjin would appear, hand-pixeled by Genjin character creator Kobuta Aoki.  Here they show how he draws the comic screens in a PCE graphics editor, then the screens are (presumably) just photographed to make the comic.

His back story says that Genjin was originally a prince on the moon (literally "Moonland") but he was exiled by Tamagodon (King Drool in the U.S.) to the Earth.  Says here that he's only 3 years old!  (Is that in moon years?)

PC Genjin Early Screenshots

Found in a late 1990 GTV PC-Engine Video (here and here) was video footage of a beta/alpha PC-Genjin.  Clearly visible are different icons for Genjin's heart meter and "TEN" point meter.  The greatest difference was in the 1st boss battle -- the background & boss look quite a bit different, and the boss has his own "skull" meter.  The playing area in the boss' lair doesn't scroll and is only 6 "blocks" wide, whereas the lair in the final version has been expanded to 10 "blocks" with scrolling.  The ingame music is also different.  I love finding lost and wacky stuff like this!