Misc. Stuff: 1991

Here is a very lucky Macaulay Culkin playing some Super Famicom in Japan, on an SF-1 TV.  

"Games Around the World" This is a hilarious comic that shows sterotypes of various countries. I love the Japanese humour on display here, but it's a little bit politically incorrect.

I'll list the countries and their features, counterclockwise from Germany. Germany: breaking down the Berlin Wall, of course. Nigeria: fighting over something. Kenya: nothing interesting. India: a simulation game to deal with overcrowding. Ethiopia: trading games for food. Iraq: an action shooting game where you are Saddam Hussein killing American soldiers. Antarctica: no women, so nothing but sex games and a Dutch Wife. Brazil: people party in the streets when a Famicom game is beaten. Mexico: Mexicans are so lazy that a difficult game is too much trouble for them. So, the popular games are the ones that even a monkey could clear. Viet Nam: (Not sure what it says but...) boat people are always coming to Japan, so they should practice singing to become an idol before they come here. China: there are so many Chinese characters that using a Chinese keyboard is enough work in itself. USSR: no electricity; dealing with nuclear meltdown instead.

Here are some examples of the Hebereke comic strip that ran in Family Computer Magazine starting in 1991. No, I can't make sense of the comics, either.

Don't let Hus play drunk.

Here's a fun little trick. Try reading both Japanese words.

(Hint: they are characters from Konami/Capcom games.