SEGA: Oct.-Dec. 1990

Explode Star


Explode Star is a cute tile-hopping arcade-platformer for the Mega Drive that, mysteriously, went unreleased in Japan. Now, before you proto collectors all start salivating, note that this game did get a release in America as "Trampoline Terror". Ho-hum. It's still a cute and fun game, though.

Head Buster

Onto more Masaya weirdness, here are some early pics of their cool Game Gear simulation game, Head Buster. This earlier version had a few differences, such as different readouts & borders during battle scenes, as well as terrain types that were taken off the maps in the released versions. For example the pics to the right show that the prototype had "stairs" that let your units ascend hills that would otherwise be obstacles.

Some more pictures of an early version of the game. The title screen has a strange "0 PLAYER" option on it (a demo mode?) and no passwords; the terrain has an unusual feature: walls(!); and the robot purchasing area of the game (see far below for comparisons) has a tiny placeholder graphic, money doesn't work, and you have to build your robot from scratch, unlike the final version.
A bonus scan from the same magazine, we can see the initial Game Gear release schedule (right). Many games either had their names changed before release (Psycho World, Fantasy Zone 3, Space Harrier 3, Golden Axe(?)), or simply didn't get released (Golf(?), Tennis, "RPG", Alien Storm, and Alex Kidd.)