Famicom: Oct.-Dec. 1992

Deja Vu II - Lost in Las Vegas

Slated for release in March 1993 was the sequel to Kemco's Deja Vu, which was a minor hit in America, but didn't make much of a splash in Japan. One reason for this was probably that the Japanese version of Deja Vu came in a deluxe fake-leather box and cost 9800 yen! ($100!)

Well, Deja Vu II never came out on the Famicom. It did, however, come out much later in a Deja Vu double-pack on the GameBoy Color.

Switchblade II

Wow, late 1992 was not a very good time for Kemco. In a single advertisement, they announced 4 games, only one of which would ever get released (First Samurai on the SNES). The others are on this page and on the SFC page (Video Kid). Not only that, all of these games were western-developed (or at least had western origins.) I wonder if Kemco got turned off importing after this debacle?

Anyway, Switchblade II, or just Switchblade (I guess Kemco or the magazines couldn't read that Roman numeral.) This was a European-developed game that originated on computer systems and found its way only to the Atari Lynx, as far as U.S. systems go. It's a pretty shameless copy of Strider and Japanese platformers/art in general. Even the western box covers made an attempt at an "anime" style, with an Asian-looking protagonist making a pose. So it's curious, then, that the Japanese advertisement changes this to a blond dude in jeans (maybe they took inspiration from the Genesis Strider cover?)

It's not a big loss that this went unreleased. If you want to try out Switchblade II, download the Amiga version.

Rockman 5

Nothing spectacular about this small preview for Rockman 5, but there is one difference in the stage select screen. Can you spot it?