Famicom: July-Sept. 1991

Here are some slightly early pics of Rockman 4. Sorry, no desert sphinxes in these shots. You can see that (well, aside from there appearing to be no enemies in the levels) the floor graphics in Ring Man's stage are a little bit different.

Boss Design Contest Winners

Capcom took submissions for boss ideas once again for Rockman 4.  This time, they published the original artwork of the winning submissions, as well as commenting on them.

Drill Man

Masayuki Hoshi, Hokkaido

"His body itself looks like a cluster of weapons. Nevertheless, that's perfectly fitting for Rockman."

Ring Man

Hiromi Uchida, Tokyo

"A unified design of image and weapon use. The careful attention even to color is probably why this was selected."

Toad Man

Atsushi Otsuka, Saitama

"A slightly different image than what actually appeared in the game. What is here is still good, though."

Skull Man

Toshiyuki Miyachi, Hiroshima

"The art on this one is very nice!! (said all of those involved) It is a work which understands Rockman's subtleties and color."

Dive Man

Suguru Nakayama, Ishikawa

"Many character submissions were related to the sea, but this one shone the most. This boss evokes the image of a submarine."

Bright Man

Yoshitaka Enomoto, Wakayama

"The design work of the head makes this one. That's the primary reason for it being chosen, no doubt."

Pharaoh Man

Takayuki Ebara, Shiga

"This is the character which all judges considered the best. It is already a quintessential Rockman game character."

Dust Man*

Yusuke Murata, Tokyo

"This one has a slightly unusual touch to its art.  Naming the character 'dust', of all things, was brilliant."

*Chris' note: "dust" is Japanese English for "garbage", hence all the trash/scrap in the level.  I assume the word was made via naïve backformation of "dustbin."