Famicom: Jan.-Mar. 1989

Famitsu did a report on the January 1989 Winter CES in Las Vegas. What's of interest to us at this show is of course Sunsoft's cancelled Terminator game as well as a visit to EGM's offices. Seen in the EGM staff picture are Donn, Steve, and Jim!


Here are some interesting pictures of an earlier version of Natsume's Abadox, with some different graphics, and two different versions of the player's (?) ship.

Cosmic Epsilon Beta Pics

Here are two sets of screenshots from an earlier "sample version" of Cosmic Epsilon, as it says directly on the top screen.

The beta versions show a title screen that, while it has the same elements (planet, sunrise, aliens, CE & Asmik logo), they've been totally redrawn for the final version. The planet in the back looks more arcadey, alien-like in the beta, and the blue gradient in the title is much simpler than the more elaborate chrome gradient in the final.

In-game, the beta's hero(ine)'s legs dangle much lower than in the final version. Other changes include the 1st stage's grassy city being transformed into a red-grey post-holocaust world. Finally, the instrument panel got progressively more elaborate as the game reached completion.