Famicom: Oct.-Dec. 1987

The Battle Rainbow Rockman

This is probably the very first look that Japanese gamers ever had of the Rockman game series -- here shown with an old, longer title, "The Battle Rainbow" Rockman.

Well, it is an odd title, but it does sum up at least part of the game concept: Rockman does battle with robots and changes into a rainbow of colours when using his special weapons.

The magazine article to the right (from the Oct. 2, 1987 issue of Famitsu) goes on to explain Rockman's story, enemies, abilities, and stages. All pretty standard stuff which we already know. The only difference that I can see between these screenshots and the final game is a slightly different stage select screen (it just says "PRESS START"; compare that with the release version below.)

(release version)

Read the Japanese text from this article.

And here's a web-based English translation.

And here are two advertising pages for Rockman, one from December '87, and another from March '88:

Nothing too special, but I always love a game cover with atmospheric artwork, like Gun.Smoke's: