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Thanks for dropping in on my poetry page! It's getting a little old, however, and also a little embarrassing. But, at some point in my life, I wrote these works to cope with pain and conflicting feelings about myself. So, I'll present them here bravely, in the hopes that they might affect or inspire you in some way.

I have provided for you a listing of some of the writing which I have done over my life. The writing might use some odd stylistic devices, such as Imagism, swearing, stream-of-consciousness, and free verse; so some of you might find it too coarse, or too weird, or great, or undecipherable, or just plain stupid. I just really hope that you're not apathetic to the whole thing. That would really suck.

Oh, yeah, I never mentioned this before, but you may download and keep anything that I wrote or drew. Print it or whatever, just remember where it came from and be sure to credit me as the originator if the subject ever comes up. Enjoy!

I suggest that you print these writings to paper, because most people would only skim through writing on a computer screen!

From the Diary
Short Stories

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