This is the website of Chris Covell.

Mostly it is about videogames. However, there are also other features which you might enjoy. I'll give you a rundown of what each page contains.

New Page: As I am currently living in Japan, everything on this page is a document of my life here. I write about the places I've travelled to, some game shopping that I have done, and even give you some information about the city where I live, Kitakami. There is a page called "COOL STUFF" which shows some rare or otherwise awesome videogame-related items. Finally, I have done a little bit of programming on the PC-Engine and Famicom, and so I have put my new creations here.

Old Page: This was my website for about 5 years, before I came to Japan and couldn't update it any more. It has MANY sections, however, some of which don't even relate to videogames at all! For example, I have a very simple Japanese primer for people wanting to learn the basics of written Japanese. Also, I have a diary (which I suppose now you would call a 'blog'), which I used to update with my thoughts on various topics. Also, I did some poetry and writing way back when, and that is there also.
My old page also has many sections on videogames, such as my own creation, Solar Wars, translations and software that I have made, and a miscellaneous page, which showed some "cool stuff" from yesteryear.

SEGA Hacking: This was a secret site once, but I want other people to look at it. I hacked some Sega systems just for fun (or to play more games) and I documented what I did on these pages.

MISC. Images: This is a page on another server, where I am allowed to store large files. Here, I'll try to post images of cool and unreleased/prototype games and hardware. Check it out for some rare pics you might not see anywhere else!