"I want my RGB!!"
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You all know about RGB video, right? Of course you do. It is not "component video"; it is BETTER. Playing a videogame on an RGB monitor, even on some old system like the Famicom or Sega Master System, makes it feel like you are playing in the arcades. Scanlines are visible. Pixels are discrete. Colours are bold. I want my RGB!

The purpose of this website is NOT to give a primer about RGB video, nor to explain different video formats, nor to provide you with technical details on how to mod your game systems. Other sites already exist for this purpose. Please check here for starters: http://www.gamesx.com/

The reason this website is here is that I wanted to make a page that contains information which no other website seems to have. Namely, lots of images comparing the game systems' standard composite output with their RGB versions, and a rating of the composite/RGB picture quality for each system. For example, the Super Famicom has very good composite image quality already, so the switch to RGB is noticeable, but not mindblowing. The Sega Master System or Neo-Geo, on the other hand, have horrible, horrible composite video quality, and so the switch to RGB is truly a revelation!

So, I hope this website will be interesting and informative enough to give you a clear reason to upgrade your game systems or your display device for the best picture quality.

System List
Below are just the systems which I own, from which I have obtained RGB video output. RGB video is also obtainable from other systems, of course, but if I don't own them, I can't write about them!
Going Shopping
Trivial Hacks
Semi-Difficult Hacks
Difficult Hacks

Game Gear (->Sega Hacking)
More to come?


I've taken some screenshots to compare the image quality from composite video (where available), RGB video, and an emulator screenshot (wherever possible). Watch out! There are many images!

New: RGB Screengrabs (Part 1) and Screengrabs (Part 2: Mega Drive)!