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Part 4 - China & Magnet Boots

The bullets from the turret have been made more visible in the NES version.

Turret placement... They're everywhere in the JP Proto...

Take your pick between spike trap or robot arm which does nothing.

Again with the different spike robots. The JP proto still has unfinished ball logic: if you jump to scroll the screen, the ball continues on its old course, floating in mid-air!

Layout differences again.

The game freezes here in the proto. AAARRRGHHH!!!

OK, I skipped the previous room and came back to the same area. Interesting how in the proto the two halves of China use a more unified theme.

The magnet boots picked up, I head back to the magnetic room in Kazakh...

More bugs: my shoulder has become a floppy disk in the proto.

Now this is evil enemy placement! I kinda like it.

The JP version makes it a simple room, but the US version makes it a one-way trip to get Key 4. Why?

Well, because in the proto, they made you backtrack all the way to the magnetic wall room, and back past the gauntlet of enemies there. The NES version mercifully has a lift that sends you to the beginning of the S-2 door. Huh.

Part 5 - Back to China

Double doors and attribute glitches can be seen in the proto...

In the proto you're confronted with the swinging thing with the improbable reach. No pixels ever come close to your body, but just a little bit more to the left and Hiryu somehow gets his lifebar decimated by the machine.
Oh, and the background columns flash grey and blue in the proto, but grey and red in the NES version.

Just 1 floor down, and this wall of spikes moves super fast in the proto!

These background spike sprites animate (a bit crudely) overtop of the BG spikes in the FC version. They're non-animated BG spikes in the final.

Interestingly, in the FC proto, you have no choice but to triangle-jump your way back up from the attack-boots pit, whereas in the NES final, you have the choice of taking a tube back to the top of the building.

These elevators move slowly in the proto, giving the turrets plenty of chances to damage you. In the NES version, it's just the 1 quick elevator going up, and you'll probably never get hit by bullets.

Turrets are almost absent in the proto version on the way down.

The centre of the moving box seems to have a pink background in the proto, but black in the final. Also, after destroying that, the "alien" in the back doesn't toss bombs at you as the NES version does.

In the proto, I think they haven't programmed Sheena's graphics in yet. Hiryu pops out instead with a weird colour scheme.
This dialogue in the proto is not in the interrogative...

Aha, so these alien monster things at the end of stages are called "Zain"s...

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