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Part 2 - Egypt

These turrets take maybe 3 times as many strikes to destroy.
This game gets challenging as your maximum life is 20 on the NES but only 12 in the proto!

The colour schemes are again pretty basic in the proto. Meanwhile the NES game glitches badly and can't decide what colour scheme to give to the enemy's trousers.

The turret shoots in 3 directions in the final, but the proto just has a single square of... garbage to shoot.

On the pyramid, the ball launcher's graphics are totally different.

There's no overhang in the proto so you have no choice but to build up speed to get up there.

The game is full of enemy placement differences. Here, for instance.

This is a big change. In the NES game, you go down to the left, grab the aqua-boots, then take the elevator back up...

In the proto, you fall down to an overhang to reach the same room.

Talk to the doctor and random nonsense appears on-screen in the proto.

Sometimes the proto glitches because the footsoldier in the room above didn't go away in time.

Needless to say, this boss takes way more hits in the proto. He also spends more time going back and forth underwater.

Ah, I just noticed now; double doors in the proto. It's also much easier to get the proto to open the left side of the doors but not the right, blocking your way.

You are able to go this far into the breakable columns in the proto, while the NES version pushes you away.

3 columns versus 2 in the NES version.

More door width differences. It was probably easier on the programmers to have the game quickly clear four columns of 8 tiles each from the BG map rather than twice that many (which the proto has).

Part 3 - Files 3, 4 & Japan

Japanese text appears on-screen with minor character encounters, but they always seem like fragments of the real message.

In the NES version, this enemy has a turning animation. In the FC proto, he doesn't. Instead, he just goes off-screen, turns around, then comes back in the other direction.

I have a feeling the first 2 characters of these messages are glitches. The endings of the messages seem to make sense.

All these interstitials are close translations of the Japanese original. Perhaps they would make more sense though if we had read the Manga...

This samurai character -- whether intentionally or by a glitch -- attacks you from behind the fence in the proto. Pretty cool.

These enemies take only 1 or 2 hits in the proto -- but 3 pairs of them appear one after another! The NES version has only one pair which take several hits.

Much to our surprise, this dude appears right above you when you take the elevator! Definitely more of a "trap room" in the proto.

In the JP proto, the old man's message necessarily takes a few more screens because of the space constraints. Meanwhile, Kain goes mad and delivers a monologue. There is no such monologue in the JP version; he just pops out and attacks (see below.)

Out pops a really fast Kain (faster in the JP version?) whom you have no choice but to kill.

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