Wow, now this is a cool book! Only ¥4600 for a full-colour catalogue of all the licensed Famicom games ever released! Ehhh... yeah, that's a high price to pay for just a book (or two), so you have to make the personal judgement whether you want it enough. But for me, it's worth it... just.

What you get is an all-Japanese guide with 446 pages of reviews of Famicom games, screenshots, and their box and cartridge/disk art. I wish I could read Japanese better, because this stuff looks really informative. The back of the first book even has a monster list of cheat codes for all the Famicom games!

At the back of the second book is a list of accessories, peripherals, and Famicom models. There is also a full list of US NES titles, and as always with this type of thing in Japan, it contains many errors and omissions. But we have Mike Etler's list for our US games, don't we? All in all, this is a good fuel for those Japanese dreams, yours and mine.

The book is available for sale at Amazon Japan.

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