Development Page

This is an information page about the Doctor PC Junior system, which was manufactured by Bung in the 1990s. This page is not intended to spread information about pirating NES games, and it does not condone piracy. This page offers support for those using the Dr. PC Jr., and information about the unit for those that don't have one.

This page is also not affiliated with any vendors of any kind.

Introduction -- A look into the Dr. PC Jr.'s capabilities.

System Operation -- How to use the unit.

Technical & Development -- Programming information.

File Support -- Programs and other goodies for the Dr. PC Jr.

BIOS Version 1.5 -- A new version of the BIOS which now supports Game Genie codes!

Game Patches -- Hacks to make unsupported games work on the Dr. PC Jr.

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This webpage was last updated January 19, 2002.