About Chris Covell:

Who are you?

I'm just an ordinary guy, I guess, for the most part. But I enjoyed and treasure my childhood; I try not to be bitter at the world, try not to take things too seriously, try to stay young-at-heart, and try to figure out why I'm placed on this Earth. I'm Canadian and of half Ukrainian and British descent. I grew up in Vancouver, a really great place! As of this update (2016) I'm 38 years old and married with a son. Wish me luck!

Here are a few pictures which I took with a cheap, crappy disposable camera.
Here is a (slightly old) picture of me.
This is a bad picture of my old room. Notice the stray wires and general disorder.
Heh heh. This isn't actually a picture, but rather a painting that I did of a Vancouver sunset.

What do you do? (studies, job, etc...)

I'm a recent university graduate (from Simon Fraser University). I've studied Computing Science, English literature, and Linguistics. I currently have my Bachelor's degree in English and TESL certification status. I can speak French (Bonjour les francophones autour du monde!); read, write, and speak some Japanese (Yookoso! Nihongo ga ii desu!); and I could probably get by speaking Spanish if I were forced to. I see myself becoming an ambassador for English, sowing the seeds of communication across cultures, like some sort of linguistic Johnny Appleseed.

So what now?

Beginning February 2002, I will be in Japan teaching English. I've taught English before, but I've never been to Japan, so this will be a new and exciting experience. I've had to pack up my belongings, cancel my internet account, move my webpage, and get a new e-mail address all in preparation of my move. So, it is a big change! (I won't even mention the monetary costs involved in getting ready!)

I used to have some more information about myself on this page, but maybe I'll write some more once I'm settled in Japan. That's all for now!

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