The Jerry Boy Comic Book
The Jerry Boy comic was originally published in serial form in Family Computer Magazine from 1991-1992 in order to promote the SFC game. It was collected into a single book and published in 1993, along with a "Making of Jerry Boy" feature and "Jerry Girl" as a bonus comic.
The book also includes a few pages of full-colour artwork for the reader to clip out.
The comic itself is your typical shounen manga stuff -- with pretty much one-dimensional characters and a very linear plot. Jerry Bean is the hero, and his brother Tom is painted as an evil co-conspirator in the story. Tom is shown to be so menacing, he drinks wine even though he's underage! Gasp!!!
It follows the story presented in the game, and fleshes it out over 100-odd pages. It's cute and entertaining, though you'll be hard-pressed to find any depth here.
As you can see, the artwork is cute and well-drawn, as the comic was the work of Ken Sugimori, main artist of the game itself.
...and of course it had to be done: Jerry Girl is your typical silly girly fluff with a high-school girl being given super-human powers of flexibility from a mysterious wizard. It's best left forgotten.

Here we can see Jerry Girl's flexibility in action.

[Imagine how the story would develop if it were set in Thailand...]