Take a look at this game's label. Look in the background. Notice anything interesting? Yes, that's right, folks; this game's name is Top Secret: Hitler no Fukkatsu (ie: Hitler's Revival), and it pits you as a bionic soldier against an army of Nazis. The greatest of all evils, Adolf Hitler, is being resurrected, and your mission is to stop the project. Fail, and it could mean the destruction of all mankind!

With a plot like that, how could the game possibly go wrong? It doesn't, and the game is great! Capcom's usual quality graphics, gameplay, music, and sound effects are all here in an action-packed title! This game came out in North America as Bionic Commando, but Nintendo made Capcom remove all references to the Nazis and Hitler. As a result, the American game is less intense with you fighting the "BADDS" and "MASTER-D". Come on, now! I mean, you're fighting AGAINST the Nazis in the game, right?

The gameplay is also rather different. In the Japanese version, there are more obstacles, more enemies, and different encounters in the Neutral zones. The Japanese version is, overall, quite a bit more difficult and more involving. At any rate, both versions of the game are great, and the action doesn't let down. The plot has a depth to it that you don't normally see in action games, with spies, double-crosses, and the absolute and utter communications meltdown in the final level, which is hard to describe, but VERY intense!

Below is a picture of the game's PCB. When I got it, it didn't work very well, as the PCB was very old and dusty, and it had scratches running along it. One interesting thing that I had not seen before is that this game uses both CHR-RAM and SAV-RAM, and it has a slot for a battery, but doesn't use it.

Okay, now that I'm at the bottom of this article and nobody's looking, I want to add my personal comment to this game: WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! YESS!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I finally have this game!!!! I've wanted it for years, but it is so sought after that it's hard to get it at a low price. I now have it, and my search is over!!! Ahhh... the good life. I am happy!