Mickey Mouse 3's box (front & back) and cartridge. 'Tis a shame Capcom didn't make this.

Having played this game to the end, I can now say that it is EVIL! I made it to the middle of the final level just on skill. What makes the game difficult is its unfairness in some parts. Mickey is slow and sluggish, until you run enough in a straight line; then he accelerates to lightning speed. This can be a liability, since sometimes you are too slow to get a running jump across gaps, and other times you are too fast to avoid enemies and endless pits. The balloon launching of Mickey's is an interesting touch, but it adds to the confusion. The whole game overall has a "kitchen-sink mentality" feel to it.

Just because I wanted to see the ending, I made a Game Genie code for myself (SZKEOESE) and played the game through. I realized that Kemco makes this game more difficult for you just by adding unpredictability. For example, in the bonus round, the items pass by at different speeds, and change directions as soon as you shoot. And on the final stage, there are many doors that send you to different areas, and even back to the beginning of the stage. However, it gets worse. The mappings of these doors in the final room are RANDOM!!!! In one area, you have to keep repeating it until you either die or pick the right door, which is selected at random. The final, final room has 8 doors, only one of which takes you to the end boss. The others, you guessed it, take you to earlier parts of the castle. Grrr..... If a player didn't cheat on this game, he might never have reached the end!