14-in-1 Gameboy Cartridge

Here is another interesting cart that I found at a flea market. Unfortunately, it simply didn't work when I tried it out, no matter what I did. Dejected, I gave it a night's rest, planning to return it in the morning.

Well, right before I was planning to take it back for a refund, I decided that since I didn't have anything to lose, I might as well fire up my soldering iron, and see if the solution lay in re-soldering the connections. I tried re-soldering an unsoldered connection, but that didn't fix the problem. But then I noticed that one entire side of the ROM PCB was wobbly; it could be jiggled a little just by prying under it with a small screwdriver. That meant that the connections on one entire side were either worn away or poorly soldered. So, I re-soldered all the contacts, just to be sure. Presto! The multicart worked! Unfortunately, it doesn't work all the time, so I decided to squeeze in a rubber spacer to keep the PCB pressed down. The front of the cartridge now bulges a tiny bit, but if that'll keep my game working, that doesn't really matter. :-)

Anyway, I got this cartridge because I spotted Mega Man on the front label. I really wanted a GB cart with Mega Man on it!!! This one has Rockman 3 (MM3) as well as a few really cool games that I don't have. Check out the link below for a full list and some screenshots!

For pictures of some cool games in this multicart, click HERE

Below are pics of the casing and the PCB of the multicart. The board is in really sorry shape! Each of the chips is cheaply fastened with resin blobs ("gloptop"). The game ROM is on the left side, inside another gloptop. Because the main PCB accepts a 32-pin ROM in the surface-mounted layout (ie, not just a microchip), the gloptop chip is secured to an adaptor, which is then mounted on the PCB. This factor is the cause of cartridge's unreliability. Anyway, it now works 99% of the time. Cool cool cool cool!!